We evolved our support model, so you canDevOps teams use tools to automate and accelerate processes, which helps to increase reliabilityevolve your business
DevOps from Qaribino is an integrated solution that augments your existing DevOps pipeline with world-class capabilities to optimize quality, accelerate testing, and deliver unprecedented analytics and AI-powered insights that bring business leaders, developers, and operations teams onto the same page.
Accelerate Innovation Without Increasing Risk
Our DevOps capabilities fall into four broad categories:
Accelerate innovation by delivering feedback to developers in minutes, not hours
Empower business and IT leaders with proactive release quality and risk insights
Dramatically reduce testing time through intelligent optimization
Eliminate QA bottlenecks with complete shift-left and shift-right testing
Why is DevOps so challenging?
of CEOs report being unhappy with software delivery speed in their organizations, and dev teams are the ones tasked with improving this metric.
Release cycles that are too slow mean lost revenue, and the inability to respond effectively to market opportunities or competitive pressure.
At the same time, 77% of CEOs say that their software quality also needs to improve, and that reliability remains unpredictable.
This makes ops teams risk averse, and with limited visibility into the development pipeline, they often lack confidence in releases – which results in many organizations choosing to compromise innovation in favor of stability.
Accelerate Innovation Without Increasing Risk
AI-Driven DevOps Insights
Comprehensive continuous testing
Agile DevOps planning and management
Full orchestration for CI/CD pipelines